Track Premiere: Morbid Evils – ‘Case II: Dead Weight’

Finish doom/sludge purveyors Morbid Evils are readying themselves to release Deceases, an album that puts an emphasis on the slow and, well, evil. The follow-up to 2015’s In Hate With the Burning World, Deceases packs a heavy punch with elements of sludge, doom and death metal. Get a taste of each genre with new song “Case II: Dead Weight,” streaming below.

“Case II: Dead Weight’ is one of the songs we finished writing during the studio session,” says vocalist/guitarist Keijo Niinimaa. “Jan’s riffs were pretty much done in advance, but the drums and structure were arranged and created while we recorded. The song turned out pretty atmospheric, drony and varied and it also connected perfectly to the opening track, ‘Case I: Murder.’ One of the slower tracks with a little doom-blast closer to the end.”

Deceases comes out August 25 on Svart Records. Pre-order the album here.