Track Premiere: Warbeast – ‘Maze of the Minotaur’

Warbeast will prepare to Enter the Arena on August 4 when they unleash their third album on the world. You can stream the album’s first offering, “Maze of the Minotaur,” exclusively through Decibel now.

The release of Enter the Arena follows news of Warbeast vocalist Bruce Corbitt’s esophageal cancer diagnosis, which forced the singer to retire early.

“Maze of the Minotaur” explores new songwriting territory for Warbeast, as guitarist Scott Shelby explains.

“I wanted write in a different mode than we normally do… some more mid-paced and slower breakdowns mixed with thrash,” Shelby says. “So this happened to really stand out as a notable song. I’m also proud to break out my version of Tony Iommi leads from the ‘Born Again’ era on this track. Then of course I gave it to Bruce and he roped it off with the crazy story of the ‘Maze Of The Minotaur.’”

“My favorite subjects to write about are obviously about horror, psychos, medieval times and Greek mythology,” Corbitt says of the lyrics. “I’ve wanted to write a song about the Minotaur for years. As soon as I heard the music Shelby came up with for this song… I knew this was the one to capture the atmosphere I wanted to tell this story. The chorus part of the music pretty much spoke to me and I could hear it actually saying the lyrics. That’s when you know it’s going to be a special song.”

Enter the Arena will see release through Housecore in August. Pre-order it here. Additionally, a fundraiser has been set up for Corbitt’s growing medical bills.