Grimposium Founder Announces nordiQC Festival

Introducing: nordiQC, a new festival organized by Vivek Venkatesh (who you may know as the creator of Grimposium) that combines metal, electronic music, art and film. Highlights include performances by Enslaved, Bardspec and a few other bands plus a screening of the documentary Blekkmetal.

Venkatesh says hosting the festival in Quebec City is a natural extension of the work he has already begun with Enslaved’s Ivar Bjornson and Kjetil Grutle plus Grimposium’s David Hall. Metal and electronic music will be brought together at the fest, which Venkatesh sees as an exciting thing in the city.

“Bringing Bardpsec to Quebec City is going to be amazing especially because there is a such a thriving progressive and electronic music scene here, and I am sure people are going to appreciate it very much,” Venkatesh explains.

More information can be found here and tickets here.