Video Premiere: Sunlight’s Bane – ‘Begrudging Soul’

Blackened grinders Sunlight’s Bane released The Blackest Volume: Like All The Earth Was Buried in February, a punishingly heavy album steeped in darkness. Their new video for the song “Begrudging Soul” continues to steer the band down their dark path by adding an unsettling visual element to the song.

“I directed the video with it being shot by Keith Stark, a talented cinematographer who works with my production company,” Sunlight’s Bane’s Nick Holland says. “We wanted to shoot something that combined elements of the record’s artwork with imagery we felt matched the tone set by the song itself. Everything about it was done by us, including the set design, hand-made props and makeup. We wanted this to very much be a labor of our own contempt, doing it how we have always done things: our own way.”

In the video, a woman disrobes and buries herself in a river. The video was done by Diamond Dead Media. Check it out below, and get The Blackest Volume now through Innerstrength Records.