Track Premiere: Tanakh – ‘Geneticide’

South Dakota death/doom duo Tanakh capture a dreary perspective on “Geneticide,” a song from their first full-length, which they will independently release in early July. “Geneticide” juxtaposes the somber, slow tendencies of doom metal with the speed and ferocity of death metal, simultaneously grappling with mortality and the loss of a loved one while also questioning the future.

“This track, like many on the record, comes from a place many can relate to,” vocalist Nick Murphy says. “It touches on the heaviness of losing loved ones that are forced to fight long grueling battles with illness before moving on. In turn, we share their pain. We are then faced with the possibility of the same outcome due to sharing a genetic makeup. It explores the question, do we as a species actually not deserve to be put in these situations? We know bad things happen to good people…. If the shoe fits. Regardless, we must go on.”

To hear more from Tanakh, pre-order Chameleonic here.