Track Premiere: God Root – ‘From Hounds To Silent Skies’

For listeners and musicians, music is a form of catharsis, allowing both parties to work through and process experiences good and bad. Sludge experimentalists God Root are doing just that, as they reveal in new song “From Hounds To Silent Skies.”

“We didn’t have any guests in the traditional sense,” explains bassist/vocalist Ross Bradley. “But we put a call out to our friends and family to contribute something they wanted to ‘let go’ of. We recorded their voices/read their writings. Some of these were personal stories and some were phrases or names that meant something to them. We processed them into our track ‘From Hounds to Silent Skies’ in a way that maintains their respective privacy. It was really harrowing and humbling to have these people we love be as vulnerable and open and honest as they were. We thank them immensely for their contributions and hope they can feel the sense of catharsis and raw honesty we wanted to charge the song with.”

Driven by powerful, tribal drumming and rich soundscapes beneath the dissonant guitars and varied vocal deliveries, God Root ebb and flow from massive, Neurosis-esque peaks and electronic lulls that “reveal” the experiences the band’s guests let go of.

God Root will release Salt and Rot on July 11, independently and on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Pre-order the album digitally here and on CD here.