Track Premiere: Dead Asylum – ‘Defiance’

Death Always Wins, or at least it does on thrashers Dead Asylum’s newest record. The followup to 2013’s General Carnage, Death Always Wins is a riff-laden thrash metal album. 

On new song “Defiance,” Dead Asylum combine thrash with sounds of melodic death metal, switching from powerful riffs to melodic soloing without a hitch. 

Vocalist/guitarist Mike Lister tells Decibel that Dead Asylum is in top shape on “Defiance.” 

“‘Defiance’ is a step forward for Dead Asylum, I think,” he says. “In many ways it’s a much more progressive sounding song than we’ve ever done, but it still maintains that raw energy and the melodic and thrash elements that we love so much. The dual lead vocals definitely add dimension to the track. 

“It’s a song we basically had the outline to, and said ‘play whatever you feel fits,’ and it came back better than I could have expected. I know ‘face melter’ is an expression thrown around a lot, but when you hear Eric’s solo and Roger’s bass tapping, it gets closer to reality. I think it’s the best Dead Asylum has sounded, musically.”

Lyrically, Dead Asylum are taking the pulse of the nation, using “Defiance” as an outlet for the anger and confusion of current events to fuel themselves. 

“In many ways, ‘Defiance’ is an anthem about what we see going on in the world today,” Lister explains. “People are unhappy and are starting to get real fuckin’ angry at those who are placed in a position of so-called ‘power.’ I feel a definite shot of energy every time I hear it, and definitely when we play it live. 

“On the other hand, it’s also a bleak commentary on what to do in the world today. Sure– we can yell and scream and say we’re not taking it anymore, but when I think of the song ‘Defiance’ I think, well, what next? After the people in power have been taken down, after government has been put in its place, then what? It’s a tough question. There will always be those who seek out power through any means necessary, and there will always be those who follow. It seems like it’s a very grim message…that there has to be not just a change of government or a change of who’s in charge, but a fundamental change in life in general. ‘Defiance’ to me is the question of ‘what’s next?’”

Taste death’s victory when Death Always Wins is released on June 2. Preorder it here.