Track Premiere: Dråp – ‘“Hat För En Livstid”

Swedish death metal outfit Dråp are as raw and crusty on second album Rotten Till Allt Ont as they were on first release En Naturlig Död. Streaming exclusively below, Dråp tear through new song “Hat för en Livstid” with the fierceness of a band calling themselves the Swedish word for “homicide.” 

There’s very little rest on “Hat för en Livstid,” as Dråp charge straight into a whirlwind fusion of d-beat, crust punk and death metal, adding agonized vocals over the no-frills musical assault. Dråp chew you up and spit you out over the course of four minutes. 

Dråp are slated to release En Naturlig Död through Xtreem Music on June 1.