Track Premiere: Khashm apply “Obsidian Keys”

Khashm call Pushkin, Saint Petersburg their pandemonium, and theirs is a riff-ualistic, devoted-to-Satan kind of black metal. Since 2009 Khashm’s haunted the non-Westeren periphery, but this month will see the release of their fourth album, and their first through an occidental label, Iron Bonehead. Asmodeus Rising—an allusion to the deuterocanonical King of Demons’ rise to power—will materialize as a five track LP and bonus 7”. Seven tracks span the two vinyls, featuring a just and truly killer rendition of Emperor’s “Ancient Queen,” a six and a half minute dark ambient ritual to scar your third eye with, and five tracks besides of deeply cut, orthodox black metal from guys who hail from a chunk of the world where orthodoxy yet means something.

So it is our dark pleasure to bring a sneak peak at Asmodeus Rising today. Khashm prove their versatility as well as their restraint as they conjure and control the dark chaos of “Obsidian Keys.”

For an optimal listening experience, Khashm advise that you: “Drown into His venomous light, drink the poison from the chalice of Devil. Go through the raging flames of the Great Serpent and awake from the cosmic sleep.”

Get Asmodeus Rising May 26th from Iron Bonehead.