Khemmis Have “A Conversation with Death”

There are many reasons that metalheads feel their musical tastes are superior to fans of so-called pop music.  Much of that haughtiness comes from a distaste for simplistic, saccharine love songs or other get-in-yer-panties music, but one issue that resonates with many of us is the connection that metal has to multiple musical traditions, drawing on cultural depth, while so much pop music floats rootless and witless outside any sense of musical heritage.  And metal is louder, which is basically the only argument you need.

Next month, Khemmis and Spirit Adrift will share their own approach to Southern folk music with a split that explores new ideas that come out of old music.  This week, we share with you “A Conversation with Death,” the Khemmis half of the split, due out on June 16th from War Crime Recordings.  The band has the following to say about the split and their part in it:

“Nate [Garrett] from Spirit Adrift approached us last year with the idea of doing a tribute to Southern folk music. Nate, Zach [Coleman, Khemmis drummer] and Ben [Hutcherson, Khemmis guitarist/vocalist] are all Southern expats, and the impact of traditional music from their home states (Arkansas, Texas, and Mississippi, respectively) has shaped the writing styles of both Khemmis and Spirit Adrift.  Zach suggested Lloyd Chandler’s “A Conversation with Death,” a lyrically heavy song offering two perspectives on the narrator’s impending doom, because its acapella style gave us total musical freedom to expand on the arrangement. We need a reminder now, more than ever, that none of us — rich or poor, young or old– can escape the icy hands of death.”

Preorder the split, called Fraught with Peril, from War Crime here.