Video Premiere: Big Kizz – ‘Eye On You’

Swedish rockers Big Kizz are bursting onto the scene with a quality pedigree and a new video. Big Kizz features drummer Axel Sjöberg (ex-Graveyard), bassist John Hoyles (Spiders, ex-Witchcraft) and vocalist/guitarist Pontus Westerman (Lady Banana) playing feel good rock ‘n’ roll that also draws from power pop and punk. 

Based on their tunes and this new music video (Big Kizz’s first ever) for “Eye On You,” we think it’s a safe bet that the recent Tee Pee Records signees like to have a good time with the music they play. 

“We used the multibillion dollar budget that Tee Pee gave us for this video… and spent it all on something else other than the video,” Big Kizz joke. “But we’re pretty confident that it will win all the awards in the world! And that you’ll have a good time watching it!”

If you had a good time watching the video for “Eye On You,” you can preorder the Eye On You seven inch due out June 9 on Tee Pee here