Video Premiere: The Summoned – ‘Fractal Patterns’

The Summoned have waited a long time to release their second full-length, Sessions. Though they released a single in 2012 and a live album in 2015, The Summoned’s last studio full length was 2011’s If Only Minds Could Paint Pictures

Wait no longer, however: Decibel has the latest from The Summoned, a lyric video for new song “Fractal Patterns.” The technical death metal outfit clearly haven’t slacked off in the time between albums. On “Fractal Patterns,” The Summoned switch between tight grooves and dizzying technicality, demonstrating their knowledge of when to pull back and when to bear down. 

“We’re excited to finally unleash our lyric video for the song ‘Fractal Patterns’ off our long awaited upcoming second full-length album, Sessions,” The Summoned comment. “We feel this album is our best work to date and with Evan Sammons of Last Chance To Reason engineering and producing with us we knew we’ve accomplished that goal.

Sessions is a concept album where-in a man awakens from his coma and is immediately confined within a psychiatric hospital where he is subjected to a series of tests against his will. Meeting a doctor who will be with him through every step of his treatment, he is guided into the inner reaches of his own psyche to confront his insecurities and the subconscious demons that plague him.”

Sessions will be self-released by The Summoned on June 16. Preorder it here.