For Those About To Squawk: Casket Huffer, Altar Of Betelgeuze, Necrowretch

Aren’t there big releases for me to spew some hate on recently? I mean, it’s cool when I talk about some underground stuff, but don’t you guys need to know the new Evergrey sucks? There’s not a new Evergrey (to my knowledge, but if there was, it’d suck).

Casket Huffer, from Wyoming of all places…  is releasing Gospels Of Scum on Hibernation Release. I gotta say, aside from the utterly killer band name, there are some things about this release that are confusing. So this was supposed to hit the streets last October, and is out now? In April? Well, regardless, it’s coming out and it’s something you should perk your human ears up too… This is a great mix of death, grind, thrash, black and, like, I dunno, uhh, Casket Huffer. A band with this many genre styles usually has a hard time of keeping things sounding original and fresh, but CH can pull it off. This is pretty beaking cool I must say, and for a band I’ve never heard of before, color this bird impressed. So, the next time you’re in Wyoming, make sure to get a breath… 7 Fucking Pecks.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! No not:

but Altar Of Betelgeuze, who are releasing their new jawn Among The Ruins, and it’s serviceable doom… OH, wait, screw this. This started out pretty cool, heavy and thick and the growled vocals were killing it, but these clean vocals sound straight outta Night Ranger. What is it with the Finnish that they have to ruin perfectly good death metal with making it as tough as a wet mop? This could be good, except it’s not, the riffs are here, and even with the long ass song structure, it doesn’t get boring, but those clean vocals, man… Pass. 2 Fucking Pecks.

So like, you like some old school barbaric kinda black metal? And while black metal isn’t really this parrot’s thing, this is pretty intense. Necrowretch hits us with Satanic Slavery on Season Of Mist. This is some “bestial” birdshit and has SUCH a nod to OSBM. This is primitive without sounding like it was recorded in a cave. The vocals are putrid sounding and the riffs are present and real (whatever that means). I’m beaking digging this. With a nod to HP Lovecraft as well. Cool stuff! 7 Fucking Pecks.

Until next time…