Kvelertak Catch Up With Anchors To Asphalt To Discuss Touring, Band Origins


FreqsTV has just released the latest episode of Anchors to Asphalt: Extreme Metal Touring presented by Decibel which features black metal/hardcore punk/classic rock act Kvelertak

Vocalist Erlend Hjelvik talks about Kvelertak’s formation, their experiences on the road and how things have changed for them after gaining a few years’ worth of touring experience. For them, it seems that age and experience have been a positive. 

“Relationships keep getting better,” Hjelvik says. “In the beginning when we were younger and started to tour, there was a lot more fighting going on and arguing.”

Kvelertak also discussed the differences between headlining and playing as a support act, playing in Japan and their relationship with their crew members. You can check it out below. 

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