Video Premiere: Deathrite “Into the Ever Black”

How Deathrite have managed to mostly fly under the radar of death metal lunatics beyond New Wave of Old-School Death Metal thrill-seekers is a mystery. Their 2015 Prosthetic debut, Revelation of Chaos, belies their German heritage for early Dismember-styled death metal ferocity strengthened by a Nihilist/Entombed-inspired punk backbone.

A week from today (April 7), the band unveil their first new recording since Revelation in the form of an extremely limited 7-inch EP called “Where Evil Arises.” But today Decibel offers an early taste with the video for EP track “Into the Ever Black.”

Euro readers can catch them on tour beginning this week with Nuclear Blast faves Mantar. The rest of you can pre-order this venomous shot of old-school action right here