For those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

What’s up, beak freaks? It’s your old boy Waldo here to spew venom and hate all over some poopy releases. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll be good… 

Warbringer have released their new jam, Woe to the Vanqished, on Napalm Records. Is there like a “metal album title generator” that I’m unaware of? I mean, I do understand what the title means, just like, uh, sounds really metal, I guess. Anyway, this being on Napalm aside (I personally celebrate zero of their catalog), this is OK. Thrash metal, that’s for sure. This is reminiscent of Sanctuary, Death Angel, has some melodic leads a la Exodus, all while managing to sound like Warbringer. Production wise, this is very clean, and gives an overall sterility to the record, which, in this case, isn’t a good thing. Song wise, think of a modern version of classic thrash, the aforementioned Death Angel, Exodus, things like that. This is better than its predecessor, and not a bad record, but isn’t like kicking my feathered ass. 6 Fucking Pecks.

OK, I was going to make fun of this.. Pile, because the record title A Hairshirt of Purpose is really goofy. But, I gotta say, this is interesting. To call this metal is a stretch; this is noisy, lethargic indie rock, with like a little bit of Flipper and like a little bit of the Meat Puppets thrown in. This is weird, no doubt, and definitely NOT traditional Waldo fare. I’m beaking digging it, though. Probably not for most metalheads, but for the truly acid fried and fucked up. 6 Fucking Pecks.

Swedes Saturn are releasing their second full length Beyond Spectra on Rise Above. I was expecting this to be some pummeling doom, wow, this is like Swedish rock, think the Hellacopters with some Molly Hatchet thrown in. This is fun and rocking, like driving down the highway in a ’70s movie, blaring the radio –THIS would be the soundtrack to that. I kinda like it. 6 Fucking Pecks.

6 6 6! See what I did there? Not that it was planned, it’s just… The Number of the BEAK, motherpeckers. Until next time, keep one wing in the air and your beak in the seed. Peace.