Video Premiere: Beastwars – ‘Some Sell Their Souls’

New Zealand sludge outfit Beastwars wade through thick, heavy riffs in their new music video for “Some Sell Their Souls.” 

The band, who released their full-length The Death of All Things in 2016, are shown performing in a lightly crowded room to a barely interested audience. 

“The video for ‘Some Sell Their Souls’ was inspired by a set of studio videos we did called The Sundae Sessions, where the audience was sitting around us on chairs,” the band notes. Some of the YouTube comments are hilarious with complaints about how sedate the crowd look, why isn’t there a mosh pit etc. With this video we took the audience response to a Beastwars experience to its extreme.”

You can get all three of Beastwars’ albums for “Name Your Price” until April 20.