Full Album Stream: Fuck You Pay Me – ‘Dumbed Down’

Cleveland’s Fuck You Pay Me are a rowdy bunch. Fronted by Cleveland hardcore mainstay Tony Erba, FYPM self-describe their rowdy hardcore as “economic desperation; the wrong color on a pregnancy test; dropping your phone into the shitter; 3:17 AM at Steve’s Hot Dogs… We sound a lot like that.” 

If that charming line didn’t make you click play on this exclusive full album stream, you should change that. Dumbed Down, the outfit’s new album featuring songs like “Ammosexual” and “Dark Side of the Spoon,” is an exhilarating and often sarcastic effort. 

“The title of the record is apt. It’s faster, simpler and less ‘cerebral’, lyrically, than the last record,” Erba tells Decibel. “We’re not reinventing the wheel here, we’re just building it to exacting Cleveland standards”


Sarcasm and briefness take nothing away from the album though. Tony Erba never falters in his vocal delivery and the band pound away with conviction. Dumbed Down is catchy too— you’ll probably be singing along after a listen or two. 

Dumbed Down is out on March 24 via Tankcrimes. Buy it in various formats here.