Video Premiere: Virus – ‘Investigator’

Oslo, Norway avant-garde metal specialists Virus have a seven-inch coming out on progressive rock label Karisma Records, their first music since their June 2016 release, Memento Collider. Decibel is pleased to bring you the interesting music video for A-side “Investigator” today.

The video (by David Hall / Uneasy Sleeper is about the television show Columbo, and its main character, Lieutenant Columbo. Or, rather, Lieutenant Columbo’s glass eye, the band explains. 

“’Investigator’ is dedicated to Culombo’s right eye… Peter Falck, who played the lead role in the classic detective series, had a glass eye,” guitarist/vocalist Carl-Michael Czral Eide says. “We believe that the eye was a separate character in the series and should have been credited as such. It should also have won the Oscar for best supporting actor on many occasions throughout the seventies.” 

The song which the video accompanies has a sound similar to Memento Collider, with the bass playing at the forefront next to Eide’s leads and vocals. 

Investigator is out on April 21. It is currently available for preorder through Karisma Records’ store