Track Premiere: Silence Equals Death – ‘Peacemaker’

Most people have experienced a situation in life where it feels like the only option is to lash out at the negative forces that interfere with life. It’s a response that’s been integral to hardcore since the beginning, almost inseparable from the genre itself. 

New Jersey hardcore crew Silence Equals Death clearly know the feeling, judging from “Peacemaker,” the first track from their upcoming End Times. The song takes hardcore punk’s high energy levels and fuses them with NYHC-esque choruses and call-and-response parts. 

“The song is about when you have exhausted your options and resort to aggressive actions,” Silence Equals Death comment. 

Give the song a listen below, but be warned: Silence Equals Death have a knack for writing infectiously catchy songs. You might have to fight the urge to walk on some heads and grab the microphone from your coworkers during lunch break. 

End Times is out April 7 through Eulogy Recordings. Snag a preorder or bundle here