Video Premiere: 1476 – ‘Winter of Winds’

Post-black metal/art rock duo 1476 have existed on the fringes of the musical landscape long enough to cultivate an incredibly distinct and ever-changing sound. 1476’s upcoming Our Season Draws Near is the next step of that evolution, an epic and full record. 

Epic is a good word to describe the album, and it’s a really good word to describe the video for “Winter of Winds.” 1476’s signature combination of post-black metal, ambient music, neo-folk and punk is supported by a lyric video which uses art from 19th century Norwegian painter Theodor Kittelsen, whose work has also been used by unholy legends Burzum and Satyricon. The song rises and falls as an picture of a hooded figure walking in the snow flickers on screen. 

“Winter of Winds” helped to guide the sound of Our Season Draws Near, 1476’s Robb Kavjian explains. 

“‘Winter Of Winds’ took the longest to write and went through two or three incarnations before we knew this final version was the one we wanted,” Kavjian says. “It’s important because the writing process for this album and its concept began with these musical ideas. We began with the intention of making a very different album with a very different concept but this changed everything, paving the way slowly for Our Season Draws Near. It’s funny to me now that this song was the most elusive when writing because the lyrics are very much inspired by one of the most elusive and misunderstood mythological characters, Loki.

“The imagery of this lyric video is based on the art of Theodor Kittelsen titled ‘Sorgen.’ The feeling of this picture was something I really wanted to capture on this album, particularly in the acoustic songs, and was an inspiration to the overall concept from the very start.”

Our Season Draws Near is slated for a March 31 release date, and will be 1476’s first release through Prophecy Productions. You can preorder the album here.