For Those About to Squawk: Pallbearer, Ascended Dead, Axebreaker

These intros are all pretty lame. I mean, how many times can I say that the releases are pretty slow right now? You know there are some things that are coming out, maybe I’m just a cranky parrot.

First up are the Decibel cover stars Pallbearer with their new full length Heartless on Profound Lore. This doom outfit (sorta) has really upped the ante on their third release. This is no boring slow doom. Equal parts doom and 90’s kinda alt rock, and even a little prog rock thrown in for good measure. The production here really gives life to this release and gives the record an overall unifying feel. Heartless is both expansive and claustrophobic all at the same time. There are some things that stick out here, some three part harmonies, which isn’t saying that it doesn’t work, it does, just not something that’s expected here. This is a doom/rock amalgam that will stand up to the test of time when this band takes over the planet.  I’m beaking into this, and I gotta admit, I was never a huge fan, so like check it the peck out. 8 Fucking Pecks.

Wow, 2 for 2, huh? Ascended Dead hit us hard with Abhorrent Manifestation. I gotta say, I’ve never heard these guys before, and color me impressed. This is ugly and visceral, mean even. This is black metal, but not like your stupid trem picked black metal that can sometimes be too slick, or it’s not super “kvlt” where it sounds like it was recorded in a shoebox, but planted somewhere in between.  Reminiscent of Sarcofago or Necrovore. This is guttural, and nasty as peck. Whoever produced this really gets it, the feel comes through and doesn’t sound too muddy or plugged up. Peck this out! 8 Fucking Pecks.

Locrian mainman Terrence Hannum has released a new power electronics project that’s basically an ANTIFA manifesto. Axebreaker’s Burning False Flags is noise, and while noise isn’t for everyone, this birdbrains’ opinion is that this is cool.  Burning False Flags is stifling, and isn’t just some distorted square waves with some bonehead screaming over it. The music is well crafted and moves, and while there are no “traditional” instruments, there is a definite focus on songwriting here.  So, like, open your mind and check this out. 7 Fucking Pecks.

That’s all folks, look 3 reviews over 5, maybe I’m not cranky after all.