Video Premiere: Persefone – ‘Living Waves’

Progressive/melodic death metallers Persefone are following up the release of their album Aathma with a music video for “Living Waves,” the seventh track off their album which features Cynic guitarist Paul Masvidal contributing guitar and vocals. 

The video features the band performing against a dark sky backdrop while a man travels through the snow, searching for something. 

“Picking one song from an album that works as a whole, is always a complicated task,” guitarist Carlos Lozano says. “’Living Waves’ marks the middle point, musically as well as lyrically on the album before its conclusion, and with the addition of Paul Masvidal’s vocals, lyrics and guitar playing, it creates a unique atmosphere by itself. That’s why we chose this piece of music and this message, to go along the images on this clip.”

You can buy Aathma here