Track Premiere: Gossamer – ‘Til The Light Left Your Eyes’

Philadelphia doomsayers Gossamer have spent plenty of time refining their debut EP before a single soul heard the elegant, gloomy songs their self-titled release contains within. “Til The Light Left Your Eyes,” the band’s first single, reflects Gossamer’s knack for tempering depressing and honest lyrics and heavy instrumentals with elements of choral and chamber music. 

The song delves deep into negative emotion and experiences, the band explain.

“We are proud to present our first single, ‘Til the Light Left Your Eyes.’ We’ve worked for almost a year on our first record, going over it with a fine-toothed comb, trying to extract each moment of sorrow and emotional toil and bring it to its fullest. What emerged is something that walks through the valleys of our modern condition; drugs, sexual violence, ennui, and abuse, and one that does so with vulnerability and honesty.”

Gossamer will lift the veil on the rest of their self-titled EP on March 16. You can purchase their single through Bandcamp here.