Full Album Stream: Desecrate the Faith – ‘Unholy Infestation’

Texas death dealers Desecrate the Faith have laid down an unrelenting slab of brutal death metal for their sophomore effort, Unholy Infestation, which you can hear below with an exclusive stream. Thunderous gutturals, furious drumming and relentless guitars pack the album, which features equally grotesque, demonic artwork. 

Songs like “Shrine of Enmity” highlight Desecrate the Faith’s full-speed-ahead charges with blistering blast beats. On tracks like “Sacrilege Reborn,” Desecrate the Faith still punish the listener with double bass fury but they also flex their groovier muscles, going low and slow to pulverizing effect. 

Desecrate the Faith will officially release Unholy Infestation on March 3 through the always brutal Comatose Music. You can preorder it here