Full Album Stream: All Them Witches – ‘Sleeping Through the War’

Nashville alternative psych-rockers All Them Witches have built their own sound over each release since their first in 2012, and they’re really setting themselves apart on their brand new full-length, Sleeping Through the War, which we present for you to hear today in full.

All Them Witches’ changing sound is something they say happens naturally, their music growing with the band as they grow as people. Recorded on a tighter timetable due to touring constraints, Sleeping Through the War is an enjoyable listen. Hear it below before reading commentary from bassist/singer Charles Michael Parks, Jr.

If you’d like to preorder the album, you can do it here. 

Sleeping Through the War will be All Them Witches’ fourth album. How has your sound evolved or grown on this new album? 

I’ve always said that as we grow as people and expand further into our world, the music changes as well. We have never looked at each other and said “We are this genre of band, and that means we play this genre of music forever.” That being said, the music changes as fluidly and uncontrollably as we do and I wouldn’t want it any other way. To me, our albums stretch to grasp the fringes of what we feel, playing at the edge of all of the interesting musical experiences we have encountered while consistently holding the core of our band, which I feel to be emotionally fueled, honest rock and roll.

What challenges did you face when recording the album? Did it happen easily or were there problems in the process? 

The only challenge I can really think of was finding a time to do it. We only had 4 days in between tours to write this album and then a month of touring before an immediate 6 days of recording, but nevertheless those 4 days put us in a position of preparedness we had never experienced. We usually write half of the album in studio and have half finished beforehand, but this is the first time having all of the songs done before tracking. We dont seem to hit a lot of road blocks and I think it is because all we really need is a room with electricity and some open minds to watch what happens.

What on Sleeping Through the War are you most proud of or excited for people to hear? 

I’m most excited to see how it is received, we have already had people on both sides of the acceptance fence. I wish I could tell everyone who doesn’t like it or the people that have lost faith in our band how ok that is. We don’t have to agree; people grow, and their interests change and that is to be hoped for. So go forth, you music weirdos, and find art that contributes to your well being.

All Them Witches has put out music with a high frequency since your first album. Once Sleeping Through the War comes out, will you immediately start working on new material (if you aren’t already) or will you take some time off before working on the next album? 

New material comes and goes just as easily and unexpectedly as the rest of our thoughts and lives do. We don’t put any constraints on our writing process, so the new new album will show up whenever it is ready to do so.