STREAMING: Venereal Baptism “Death March of Glory”

There have been a handful of occasions when the beast rises out of the Lonestar State. From Absu and Divine Eve to Rigor Mortis and Devastation, the great state of Texas has produced some of the genre’s most intense acts. That tradition carries on with Laredo-based Venereal Baptism. Certainly, with a name like Venereal Baptism, there are only a few paths on which to tread. Brutal death metal, goregrind (sadly, this is still a thing), and black metal. Well, out of Laredo’s diseased womb Venereal Baptism is delivered to the iniquitous world of black metal.

Formed in 2014, the quintet (only four pictured above) set fire to the southwest with the release of the debut EP, Progenitor of All Aberrations, on little known Throats Productions. Fast forward six months and the devious deviants from Laredo have not only expanded their reach — from Throats to venerable France-based indie Osmose Productions — but they’ve also crafted a devilish full-length by the name of Deviant Castigation Liturgy. While the war metal bands play out their Blasphemy and Sadistik Exekution fantasies, Venereal Baptism are moored in more ‘traditional’ songwriting, following the same black hallowed path as Vital Remains or early Deicide. OK, there’s a bit of Black Witchery in the Texan’s anti-Christian mire as well.

Decibel is proud to stream “Death March of Glory” from the Deviant Castigation Liturgy full-length. May the beginning of your week be hellish, hateful, and horrific!

** Venereal Baptism’s new album, Deviant Castigation Liturgy, is out March 24th, on Osmose Productions. Pre-orders for this unholy slab of hate are available HERE. Click the link before a big-titted goatman ruins your day.