Track Premiere: Cold Fell – ‘Bone Ceiling’

Cold Fell’s music seems to embody bleak hopelessness. Written about the harsh existence in the part of Northern England which Cold Fell calls home, Irwell is the band’s full-length debut. “Bone Ceiling” is the second single from the album, cold and aggressive. 

“Bone Ceiling” also explores violent themes toward an authority figure, explains singer Laurence Taylor. 

“’Bone Ceiling’ is about a character enacting violent revenge,” Taylor elaborates. “It’s left open ended for the listener to infer their own story onto it- the lyrics imply that the prospective victim is a police officer or perhaps an employer, but it’s quite a simple escapist and cathartic vehicle for each listener’s frustrations. I was also keen to add some ‘Oi!’ into a song since first experiencing Sump live and them doing the same!”

Cold Fell builds a tense atmosphere as the outfit leads into an angry onslaught at the end, aided by the rousing “Oi!” chants mentioned above by Taylor. The energetic “last stand” at the end of “Bone Ceiling” contrasts the vocals Taylor uses earlier in the song, which begin to come across as cries of desperation rather than evil screams. 

Get your fill of Cold Fell’s bleak black metal when Irwell comes out on March 3rd via Argento Records