Track Premiere: Hellkeeper – ‘Drown’

Hellkeeper are explosive. Their blackened hardcore sound has earned them comparisons to Rotten Sound, Deathspell Omega and even Converge. Listening to “Drown,” flashes of each band can be heard but Hellkeeper is still able to set themselves apart. 

The build-up in the first seconds of “Drown” is like a horse ready to leave the gate; once the whole band starts playing, the gate is open and Hellkeeper is firing on all cylinders. The pounding speed gives way to an equally angry, much slower breakdown. 

“The album is about wanting to live in a dream world because reality is too painful,” frontman Paul Butler says. “I utilized ideas from Hamlet and Don Delillo’s White Noise, among others.”

Hellkeeper will release their new album, A World Within Flesh, on April 7. Follow them on Facebook to keep up to date.