“We’re making sludge through a death metal lens,” Moros drummer Jason Dost tells Decibel. “I can’t say we are a death metal band but the horror and savageness of that early death metal sound influences what we do for sure.” 

Happily, that proves to be a pretty goddamn spot-on self-assessment as one jams this seriously intense, head-turning Moros split with Black Urn  — a straight-up enigmatic-yet-primal nightmare translated into assaultive sound waves.

“This is our third release and I believe it shows the progression of the band and solidly defines what we’re doing and moving towards,” he says. “Our side has three tracks — two songs written and performed as a normal band and a noise track which I performed. I was inspired by old 90’s death metal instrumental/intro tracks, like a harsh version of the odd keyboard driven tracks on Morbid Angel’s ‘Formulas Fatal to the Flesh.'” 

Decibel is pleased to present an exclusive stream of the aptly-titled track, “Corrosive Existence.” Purchase your copy of the split here. If you’re in the Philly area, the record release show is February 24 at Kung Fu Necktie. Check out Black Urn on Facebook.