Track Premiere: Tight Fright – “Look Out Below”

Tight Fright calls Brooklyn home now (honestly, what New York metal band doesn’t) but there’s definitely a touch of their Tucson home in their music. Their new track “Look Out Below” — taken from the debut Hotel Metal, due February 24, marries the drive of Clutch with some Devin Townsend theatrics, minus the annoyance. This track could easily be the soundtrack for that Beavis And Butt-Head Do America scene where the heroes have a massive peyote trip in the desert. 

About the band: Miles Gabriel Bartlett (guitar, vocals), Erik Ketchup (bass, vocals), and Aharon “Carlos Danger” Lund (drums) started writing together in 2008 under the name Cadillac Steakhouse. In 2013 they relocated to Brooklyn and started a new band with the addition of Jericho Starr Davidson (drums, vocals) under the name  “Meryl Streep” aka “Liberace Indian Peacock Spaceship,” finally creating the tyrannical, obtuse, indecent monster known as Tight Fright. Their stage performance has been described as sexually charged and tequila-inspired.

Tight Fright will play the Austin Terror Fest at the Lost Well on Sunday, March 19.