Track Premiere: Ungfell cast “Gottes Acker”

In the fall of 2015, a new Swiss band calling themselves Ungfell put out one of the weirdest and most original demos not just of that year, but of any year since black metal’s genesis. Called Demo(lition), Ungfell’s demo was part ritualistic black majesty, part wandering souls folk music, and an all-around captivating listen. Throughout its disconcerting thirty plus minutes an accordion sporadically howled like a body pulled on the rack; there were baritone clean vocals like haughty histrionics from some wayward witchfinder general; there were moments of staggering beauty, lacuna of breath-stealing eeriness. There was palpably blood put into those demo songs. Ancient blood revived by wild invocations.

Now Ungfell are set to cast an even more potent and bewildering spell upon the unsuspecting world with their debut full length, Tôtbringære. According to Menetekel, the main force behind Ungfell, “Tôtbringære” means “bringer of death,” and is an Old German name for the Devil.

We’re privileged to bring you an exclusive premiere of “Gottes Acker,” the third track from Ungfell’s debut full length. Enjoy “the melodic sounds of a tortured minstrel as he is being burned on a stack of wood,” as Menetekel himself describes the “Gottes Acker.” 

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