Dust Moth Premiere Haunting New Video For ‘A Veil In Between,’ Announce Tour Dates

There’s a weight to Dust Moth’s music that isn’t created by the heaviness of the guitar playing or the brutality of the vocals. Though distorted, sludgy riffs find themselves in the band’s music, the end result is closer to hypnotic than heavy. This is aided in no small part by Irene Barber, who contributes haunting keyboard melodies and floating vocals. 

Dust Moth released their debut full-length, Scale, in late July, through the Mylene Sheath, making them labelmates with artists like Caspian and Pelican. Off of Scale is “A Veil In Between,” a song for which Dust Moth has released a new video you can watch below. 

The video (by Leah Severe) shows a woman running throughout a city, repeatedly passing a number of women in crimson veils who are always near the woman without a veil, but they don’t interact until the very end. A few filters are added throughout the video that give it a disorienting feel. 

Scale is out now through the Mylene Sheath, and can be purchased here

Dust Moth will also be hitting the road with He Whose Ox Is Gored in February. 
2/16/17 Portland @  Ash Street
2/17/17 San Francisco @ Thee Parkside
2/18/17 Los Angeles @ The Echo
2/19/17 Sacramento @ The Starlite