Warbringer Premiere Video For ‘Silhouettes’

“The idea was to have the song written from a future where civilization has failed, the Earth is in ruins and the few remaining survivors live a horrible existence,” Warbringer vocalist John Kevill says about their new song, “Silhouettes.” “The untold millions of shadows from this future, burnt into stone, look back at us in the present time and judge us for bringing about the apocalypse that, though we saw it coming, we did nothing to avoid.”

Sound like a conversation you’ve had about a certain country’s recent election? The current state of politics may suck, but the new Warbringer doesn’t! Delivering the same brand of war-themed thrash they’ve consistently made throughout their career, “Silhouettes” presents the tight riffs and solos the band has become known for as Kevill sings, “Now the clock is ticking/The bombs not fallen yet/Our world is still living/We still have a chance.”

Warbringer sticks with their favorite theme — war! — in the video too. Nuclear explosions and mushroom clouds are interspersed between the band playing, silhouetted against a white background. 

All parallels to current day politics aside, Kevill explains the video and song: “The idea for the song came from a particularly chilling detail found at Hiroshima and Nagasaki; when the atomic bombs went off the shadows of people whose bodies were vaporized still remain burned onto the walls and the ground where they once stood. To me, this is goddamn horrifying. I thought- ‘What if the souls of those dead remain trapped in the shadows?’”

Woe to the Vanquished is slated for a March 31 release through Napalm Records.