Patria Unveil Dark Video For ‘Axis’

Do you love black metal music videos with beautiful nighttime landscapes but you wish you knew what the vocalist was saying? Patria has that taken care of in their new video for “Axis,” which comes from their upcoming album, Magna Adversia.

The video starts with a crow perched on a church before cutting to shots of dark forests, oceans and planetary explosions. The black and white shots add a sense of impending doom or terror to the music, further enhanced by clips of a graveyard, flickering candles, ancient castles and a man in black walking through the forest.

Musically, “Axis” is epic, matching the vast landscapes with contemplative, calm moments and furious bursts of traditional black metal.

Patria will let Magna Adverisa loose on the world on March 3 through Soulseller Records.