Full Album Stream: Brutal Unrest – ‘Trinitas’

Brutal Unrest doesn’t experiment much. Instead, they find their strengths and stick to them. In the case of new album Trinitas, Brutal Unrest’s strengths are riffs and grooves. 

Trinitas is a pretty straightforward listen: chunky riffs and basslines drive the music, with a solo or lead occasionally cutting in to interrupt the pattern. A few well-placed samples about nuclear accidents, war and the darker side of humanity set a dire tone. 

The nine songs that made it onto Trinitas make a very solid death metal album. Balancing technicality and simplicity while keeping up the sonic pummeling is what Brutal Unrest does best on the record, and they do it plenty. 

Listen to the record below in advance of its January 16 release.

Hammerheart Records will release Trinitas. Preorders are available through their store.