Track premiere: Ululatum Tollunt reign extreme with “Triumph Continuum”

Earlier this year, without pomp or hype, a vicious new entity appeared in the south-eastern United States. Under the Latin moniker Ululatum Tollunt (meaning “war cry” in English) the three men behind this savage front began dominating shows up and down the east coast. March saw the release of their demo, Order of the Morningstars, but unless you made it to one of their shows last summer you likely didn’t get one.

Fortunately, Invictus Productions has since deemed Ululatum Tollunt’s demo worthy of reissuing. Renamed Quantum Noose of Usurpation, and replete with a more fittingly turbid and evocative cover art, Ululatum Tollunt’s debut has only increased in its potent ferocity since it was first unleashed. As if its martial spirit has been bolstered by having gathered more followers and its having transcended an extremely limited run of cassettes sold at shows to a much more universal format, the compact disc, with worldwide distribution. 

So to further antagonize your frothing desire to hear Ululatum Tollunt’s debut, we’re privileged to bring you the exclusive world premiere of the omega track from Quantum Noose of Usurpation, “Triumph Continuum.”

But first, here’s what Ululatum Tollunt themselves have to say about what you’re about to do to yourself:

Chainmail of ouroboros, flesh of cosmos, pierced through. Helm of black sun, thought of cosmos, bludgeoned in.

Get Quantum Noose of Usurpation January 30th from Invictus Productions.