Amon Amarth Catches Up With Anchors to Asphalt To Talk Touring, Stage Show

Amon Amarth have extensively tested themselves on the road, having toured many times over their career. The Viking death metal band recently just completed a massive European tour in support of their record Jomsviking

While on the road, Decibel-presented tour documentary series “Anchors to Asphalt” caught up with Amon Amarth’s Olavi Mikkonen and Ted Lundström to talk about touring and the significance of their live show. 

They discuss how touring has changed for them since their first time on the road, including how they now have the means to sleep and travel more comfortably, which allows them to continuously perform at a high standard. 

“If we have one bad show, it might not sound bad on 30 shows maybe but that one show, those people going to this show, that’s their show, that’s their only show,” Lundström says in the documentary. 

Amon Amarth also has an intricate stage show. Mikkonen discusses in the video that the bands Amon Amarth grew up listening to, like Kiss and Iron Maiden, had stage shows to accompany their performance. 

As you can see in the video, their show includes pyrotechnics, battling warriors and a gigantic viking helmet. The band says that as happy as they are with the point they have reached, they will continue to grow and expand their performance. 

Jomsviking is out now on Metal Blade. More “Anchors to Asphalt” can be found through FreqsTV.