Track Premiere: SEE? Experiment On ‘SEE 6’

Rest assured, when you click play, the sounds you hear aren’t your computer melting down — they’re the sounds of Nefarious Industries supergroup SEE?’s upcoming album, Lighteninging On Your Thames

“SEE 6” is chaotic, yet equally as riveting. Comprised of members from Netherlands, ex-Spacehog and Bangladeafy, SEE? push the guitar-bass-drum-keys-vocals model in a different direction. In some sections, SEE? are funky and grooving. In others, they maintain the groove but go heavier. And some moments on “SEE 6” sound like hearing colors while talking to a robot. 

Give it a listen below. 

The band says “The final movement on the album finds the band and a slightly more subdued (read: exhausted) mood, having just had an extended, violent musical orgasm for the previous two hours straight; yet they still manage to pop once more, albeit in a more sullen and lumbering way. Also could be said to evoke elephants, ADHD, nausea and an ambient refugee crisis; in other words, something for the whole family.

Nefarious Industries is a label that calls itself “the home of a bunch of big, dumb noise.” They’ll put out Lightenining on December 23.