Full Album Stream: Panzerfaust reveal “The Lucifer Principle”

Black metal need not be fast. It need not be riddled with blastbeats, nor strung up by barbed and incisive tremolo arpeggios. According to Panzerfaust—who are exegeting Thomas Hobbes, who was performing an exegesis on the Latin phrase “Bellum omnium contra omnes”—black metal is “the war of all against all.”

Since forming in 2005, Panzerfaust have undergone, sonically speaking, numerous metamorphoses without losing their patent trenchant spleen. To these Ontarians, black metal is not some dogmatic institution whose foundation ought to be preserved and revered. Black metal is the flames of erasure that raze dogmatic institutions to profane refuse, and it is the wind that scatters their ashes. Beginning with their 2006 debut, The Winds Will Lead Us . . ., Panzerfaust’s mercurial black metal has progressively slowed down, while simultaneously spreading aggressively. Like some super resistant virus, Panzerfaust continue to circumvent all expectations and would-be tolerance through an ever-shifting and constantly perplexing approach to their path of destruction.  

And today we’re privileged to bring our readers this exclusive premiere of Panzerfaust’s The Lucifer Principle. Because you really ought to hear what Panzerfaust sound like now, in this year 2016. (SPOILER ALERT: Definitely stick around for the Johnny Cash cover. It’s wildly unpredictable till its scarring end.) 

Get The Lucifer Principle on December 16th from Avantgarde Music.