Video Premiere: Wrvth – ‘Cease to Exist’

WRVTH‘s Unique Leader Records debut, also called WRVTH, was a testament to the power of emotional atmospherics in heavy music. The Northern California collective released a powerful album that set itself apart from many of their contemporaries. 

The emotional journey continues in the band’s new music video for “Cease to Exist.” Directed by Cory Davis and Yellowbox Films, who have worked with WRVTH in the past, the video dabbles with filters, stock footage and fast forward/slow down effects. 

“Cease to Exist” has a variety of different meanings specific to each member of the band, according to bassist Taylor Preston, so Davis was free to use the lyrics to create his own interpretation. 

“We wrote every part of the music to fit the lyrics,” Preston says. “We put all of our heads together to form something that we all felt was as fitting as it was meaningful. Even though the song has a seemingly straightforward interpretation, this song means something very different for every person in the band. We didn’t write the song with a mindset of writing something relatable, in fact, the events that inspired the song are all very specific and personal to each of us. With that being said, we gave Cory the lyrics and artistic freedom to form a visual representation of the emotions in this song based on his own interpretation and the feelings the song may incite.”

WRVTH’s self-titled record is available to purchase now.