Track Premiere: Syk – ‘The White Sun’

Coming soon from the Housecore camp is Syk, an Italian outfit that delivers intense, groovy riffage and a consistently memorable vocal performance by singer Dalila Kayros. 

The newest taste, “The White Sun,” from their upcoming full-length I-Optikon remains on the experimental side, combining driving, headbang-worthy riffs reminiscent of bands like Meshuggah with different but ferocious vocals. 

Syk comments that “The White Sun” deals with society and the restrictions imposed by its standards of conformity.

“When the mind is silent you can feel society for what really is, a sect based on ‘normality’ settled to conform minds. That’s the moment when you realize we often are slaves at many different levels.”

Housecore will release I-Optikon on December 2.