Full Album Stream: Ruinous – ‘Graves of Ceaseless Death’

The members of Ruinous have an impressive resume. Featuring current and former members of Incantation, Goreaphobia and Funebrarum, the new group’s album, Graves of Ceaseless Death, walks the line between old school and new death metal.

The trio plays an in-your-face style of death metal that tries not to be repetitive. There are short and fast songs that display a thrash influence, and there are less short and fast songs that have no shortage of doom. 

Matt Medeiros’s vocals are impressive, a combination of guttural growls and piercing highs. The production on the album clearly reflects a desire to stand in between old and new death metal; there is reverb but not so much that the intricacies can’t be heard. 

As Medeiros told Dutch Pearce in our January 2017 issue, “We feed off each other’s strengths, and because we have different approaches, we get a lot of diversity out of the material. That’s why we can have the ‘punch you in the face’ rhythmic part in the same song as the ‘lamentation’ melodic section. We definitely put the material through its paces, refining it until it is scalpel sharp.”

Enjoy the full stream for Ruinous’ Graves of Ceaseless Death in advance of its November 11 release on Dark Descent Records. Preorder it here