Demo:listen: Desekryptor

Welcome to Demo:listen, your weekly peek into the future of underground metal. Whether it’s death, grind, black, doom, sludge, heavy, progressive, stoner, retro, post-, etc. we’re here to bring you the latest demos from the newest bands. On this week’s Demo:listen, we shrink in horror before the monstrous creation of Fort Wayne’s Desekryptor.

Desekryptor understand the importance of enthusiasm in death metal. Perhaps that’s because this demo is something all three of its conspirators have wanted to do for a long time. Not only is this Midwest death palpably inspired, but the four songs committed to Desekryptor’s demo are played with a barely suppressed enthusiasm, that’s totally in accordance with death metal’s expectations of stolid-face posturing, but they ultimately can’t hide how pumped they are to shred some death metal. Like some necrophiliac med student struggling to contain their ecstasy during an autopsy, standing there licking their lips, breathing loudly. Desekryptor is comprised of a grind drummer, a bassist from a blackened crust band, and the person behind a one-man black metal project. All having a go at bringing up a death metal band. And what they’ve created is abominably heavy.

“We all know each other from the local metal scene in Fort Wayne. Our other bands have played shows together . . . we talked about collaborating at some point. E.S. is in the grind band Nak’ay, T.S. and I met while playing in the now defunct black thrash band, Fedallah, and I also have a solo project called Ecferus . . . [T]here were lags of time when we were working on other projects and didn’t touch the [Desekryptor] demo. However, when we did come together things progressed rapidly,” says P.A., Desekryptor’s vocalist and sometimes-guitarist/sometimes-bassist (“depending on the song”). No wonder Desekryptor’s demo sounds at once composed by inveterate defenders of the faith yet ensanguined with a bold and eager deathlust.

With a demo cover that—no offense—looks like it was drawn by an albeit talented illustrator that’s lately living with the symptoms of post-demonic possession disorder, and a logo truly befitting Desekryptor’s skull-crushing majesty (both executed by Russian artist Alex Shadrin of Nether Temple Design), Desekryptor are sure to turn some heads a full 360. They’ve already grabbed the attention of the owner of Ghastly Apparition, a new label out of Germany. Ghastly Apparition, according to P.A. “are just starting out but delivering some great quality, i.e. diehard editions and attention to detail well beyond the norm.” Expect Desekryptor demo tapes in the near future. What’s more, Desekryptor are already at work on a follow-up. P.A. warns: “The new riffs crush the first demo to a fine powder of pure concentrated death essence.” And here we are at Demo:listen still trying to crawl out from under these first four songs. It’s cool, though. We can keep up!

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