Track Premiere: The Great Old Ones – “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”

Violently aggressive. Atmospheric. Unsettling. What do those words have in common? They could all be used to describe “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” the first single from The Great Old Ones’ new record, EOD: A Tale Of Dark Legacy

Immediately upon clicking play, blast beats and harsh vocals blast out of the speakers. As the song morphs, the straightforward burst of aggression becomes a heavily atmospheric listen, propelled by guitar melodies. Often, the vocals sound like they are coming from somewhere distant. 

“The Shadow Over Innsmouth” is part of a much bigger story, say The Great Old Ones. 

“We are very proud to present this first track of taken from our new our new album EOD: A Tale Of Dark Legacy. We think that “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” stands for all that we wanted to achieve with this record: it is powerful, violent, epic, and of course heavily atmospheric and emotion driven. In the context of our conceptual story, this chapter tells of the arrival of the protagonist in the eponymous infamous city. He is gazing over the derelict harbour and remembering the frightening journal of his ancestor, he knows that nothing will ever be the same again.”

Season of Mist will release the rest of the story found on EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy on January 27. Preorders are live now.