Video Premiere: Invoking the Abstract – ‘The Summit’

For their debut full-length, Invoking the Abstract axed the brutal vocals heard on their first EP and composed an album’s worth of technical instrumental songs that let the music speak for itself. The end result was their first effort for Unique Leader, Aural Kaleidoscopes

The album has been out for a month now, but there are still goodies to be had. Goodies like a new music video for track five on Aural Kaleidoscopes, “The Summit.” Check it out, then keep reading for a comment from the band. 

“’The Summit’ is Invoking the Abstract at its most progressive,” the band comments. “It features a broad dynamic pallet constantly shifting meters, and abrasive modulations. It begins with an eerie chord progression and shifts into an ever-changing riff salad, which ultimately returns to the original theme, lending the piece a sort of radial symmetry.”

Aural Kaleidoscopes was released on Unique Leader Records on September 30. Pick it up here