Everlasting Death: Stream Totten Korps’ Supreme Commanders of Darkness

First released last December on the Chilean label, Apocalyptic Productions, it’s no wonder you’ve probably not yet heard Totten Korps’ incredible sophomore album, Supreme Commanders of Darkness. Unfortunately, albums released at the end of the year have a way of eluding a lot of would-be fans’ radars. Thank the blind idiot god then that Swedish powerhouse Blood Harvest has seen fit to reissue this maelstrom of tentacular and frenzied death metal.

Supreme Commanders of Darkness is ten tracks of devout death metal, wielded by more-than-adept players who need not wander beyond their chosen subgenre to keep their supplicants chained to their dark work. The vocals never abandon their sepulchral subterranean holdings. Alejandro Arce’s drumming is simply superb; switching from in-the-pocket perfection to unbridled chaos, and back again before you can even realize what’s just ripped your face off. And the riffs, especially those leads, goat almighty those leads! They’re pure black magic. These Chileans execute their timeless death metal with such masterly aplomb they even get away with making reference to Him Who Is Not to be Named.   

Here’s what Totten Korps themselves have to say:

We are very happy and proud to finally see this work materialized after all these years. The critical reception has been extremely encouraging. In general there have been nothing but favorable words in terms of the album quality and execution, making us very proud. We are now looking forward to having Supreme Commanders of Darkness on vinyl, this time including the lyrics and thanks to the support given by Blood Harvest Recs. Greetings to all the bangers listening to this Decibel mag stream!!

Get the vinyl for Supreme Commanders of Darkness on November 26th.