Track Premiere: Sepulchral Curse – ‘Disrupting Lights of Extinction’

Finnish death metal outfit Sepulchral Curse cemented their spot as up-and-comers to watch in the metal scene with their debut EP, A Birth in Death. Not content to sit on their musical laurels, Sepulchral Curse signed to Transcending Obscurity Records (the first Finnish band to sign to the label) and announced a new EP that would have more of a blackened death sound than their first. 

At the Onset of Extinction will be released mid-December, but today you can hear the closer to the EP, “Disrupting Lights of Extinction,” right here.

With a runtime of almost 10 minutes, “Disrupting Lights of Extinction” makes for what will surely be an epic conclusion to At the Onset.

Vocally, it sounds like Sepulchral Curse recorded in a cave, or at least soaked the vocals in reverb. Sepulchral Curse crammed a number of ideas and parts into “Disrupting Lights of Extinction” to create its unique sound (and keep it exciting for ten minutes.)

“‘Disrupting Lights of Extinction’ is the last song written for the upcoming EP, At the Onset of Extinction,” says drummer/backing vocalist Tommi Ilmanen. “At first I doubted if the song would be too long and too different in comparison to the rest of the material we had composed so far. On the other hand the new material had already took a major step forward from our first EP, so the song fit perfectly on the bigger picture. ‘Disrupting Lights of Extinction’ shows very well the wide musical spectrum that is Sepulchral Curse. From the epic melodies to the crushing heaviness and the intense and chaotic riffing that makes the band sound what it truly is.”

As the EP’s title suggests, the lyrics for At the Onset of Extinction deal with, well, the extinction of humankind. Ilmanen explains: 

“Lyrically speaking, the song ends the concept and the story of ”At the Onset of Extinction” and works as a gateway to our forthcoming debut album. In this text one has started to ascend into a morbid and demonic godhood, telling about the impending and unavoidable death that soon shall fall on all men. The lyrics are strongly influenced by my philosophical and spiritual views on the world and existence itself, but one can also find little hints of classic horror literature that are very close to my heart. All in all, a lengthy yet majestic and oppressive opus to end the EP.”

Transcending Obscurity will release At the Onset of Extinction on December 15. Digital and physical preorders can be found on the Sepulchral Curse Bandcamp.