It’s been 13 years, one name change, and one significant lineup shuffle since Superjoint released an album (2003’s A Lethal Dose of American Hatred, under their then-name Superjoint Ritual). But the group is set to release their new album, Caught Up in the Gears of Application, on November 11, through Housecore Records, the label run by singer Phil Anselmo. Insider tip: the album shreds, with killer riffs (care of southern-metal OG Jimmy Bower) all over the place, and we’re happy to be premiering a new song off the album for you today.

“Ruin You” is a powerhouse of a cut that shows Superjoint doing what Superjoint does best; we cornered Anselmo to get his thoughts on the matter:

“This song is an example of how a basic, rock-driven song can still be a powerful thing,” says Anselmo, “in musical standards and lyrical content, as well.”

He left it at that, probably because he said everything else he possibly has to say—on subjects ranging from the new Superjoint album to the Dimebash incident—in the cover story of our December issue, which you can buy here.

Preorders are available here for CD and vinyl and here for digital. Superjoint will be having a release show in Dallas, TX at Gas Monkey Live! with Tombs, Warbeast, Wolvhammer, and Protest; tickets are available here.

Check out “Ruin You” here: