Wake Up Dreaming: Quicksand Dream present “The Girl from the Island”

Beheading Tyrants should come as a most welcome and pleasant surprise for fans of Sörberge’s Quicksand Dream. It’s been sixteen years since Swedes Patrick Backlund (music) and Göran Jacobson (vocals) released their debut, the ethereal and near-perfect Aelin – A Story About Destiny, and its follow-up is no less anomalous, or magical. Like its predecessor, Beheading Tyrants is story-driven, epic, doom-tinged heavy metal utterly void of pretension. As ever, Quicksand Dream waste no time pandering to today’s trends, and instead tread their own course and arrive exactly when they mean to. Beheading Tyrants is an album full of stellar musicianship, quaint songwriting, righteous solos, soaring and soul-soothing vocals, vibrant imagery, and irresistible melodies, all of which is sure to appeal to fans both new and old.

Here’s what vocalist Göran Jacobson has to say about “The Girl From The Island:”

‘The Girl from the Island,’ lyrically is sort of a condensed fairy tale. Actually it started off as a tiny nursery rhyme I had written for a dear friend of mine who had provided me with a great deal of hope and comfort. So to me this song is about hope. About accepting your weaknesses and trusting there is someone out there guarding over you when darkness might be overwhelming. When I heard the instrumental demo Patrick presented to me I found its uplifting yet melancholic qualities would fit well for elaborating on the idea. Thus I picked up the theme of this little verse I had and transformed it to a song.

Get Beheading Tyrants, out November 11th on Cruz del sur Music.